Land Surveying – Why a Land Survey?


All too often the present property owner is selling their home and doesn’t know where their property corners are or that some of their corners may be missing. Buyers need to know what they are purchasing. A property survey prepared by a PA Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) will do just that.

A survey will not only show the buyer where the property corners are but also if there are any encroachments on the property. Without a survey the buyer may not find out until later that the seller or a neighbor has constructed improvements or planted trees or bushes over the property line. This could cause the buyer a great deal of expense to move a well, fence, driveway, wall, shed, pool or any other property improvements. Good neighbors can become very bad neighbors when money is involved.


All buyers should request a property survey when they sign an agreement of sale. The purchase of real estate is most likely the single biggest investment of your life and you need to protect your investment by knowing exactly what you are buying. Many banks and lending institutions are requiring surveys so they know what they are financing and that there are no boundary or encroachment issues with the property. Title Insurance protects your deed from any liens or encumbrances that effect the property you are purchasing. A property survey depicts the existing physical features and conditions of the property you are purchasing.


A property survey also serves as a legal document which if necessary can be presented as evidence or defended in a court of law. A survey will also provide your realtor with a map of the property which will make the resale process much easier. The survey will help the buyer feel more comfortable with their purchase knowing that their property has been certified by a PLS. Protect your investment, be a good neighbor and have a survey performed before you buy.


Buyers who plan ahead may have ideas to install an addition or put up a fence, pool, shed, etc. If a survey prepared by a PLS has already been prepared then obtaining Township permits will be an easy process instead of a potential nightmare. Existing structures which have been survey located are shown on a map with exact distances to property lines allowing the buyer the ability to plan additions within building setbacks as established and regulated by the municipalities.

Sweetland Engineering & Associates, Inc. provides our clients with outstanding services using highly experienced survey personal combined with modern up-to-date technology. Our current staff of Professional Licensed Land Surveyors provide a wide variety of surveying experience in the following disciplines.



  • Site Civil Construction Layout

  • Mechanical Layout

  • Steel Plumbness

  • Field Monitoring

  • As-Built Survey

  • Utility and Mapping

  • Micro Pile Stakeout

  • Anchor Bolt and Column Line Layout



  • Boundary

  • Subdivisions

  • Topographic

  • Condominium


  • Agricultural

  • Wetland Boundary

  • Bathymetric

  • Flood Elevation Certificate

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